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Exercise is BAD for your health

September 7, 2012

Don’t  believe me?

Try this:

Sit around for 10 hours.  Don’t move.

Then tell your muscles to propel you across 8 miles of heated desert sand, without warm up, water, or proper nutrition,

You better let people know where you are going!!  (I just watched 127 Hours!)

I made a similar mistake the other night at the gym.   After my normal workout, I decided that I was doing so well, I’d just add a “simple cardio class.”    About 20 minutes into the high-intensity cardio class,  the wind was knocked out of me, I lost focus, lost balance.   I rushed to the ladies locker room, and collapsed on the bench – crying.   A few minutes passed, someone told the staff I needed a medic, the EMT did an EKG, which came out normal, and I went on my way.   Unfortunately however, this latest episode caused me to cancel my flight to Jamaica for my long-awaited honeymoon.

I just started working out again, after being on medical leave, and had been sitting in a hot vehicle or at a meeting all day.   I didn’t really prepare my body and look what happened!

Increase your exercise like you increase your savings account.    

Did you know that only 55% of People who win the lotto are happier?  Yet, those who work hard for their money often save more over a lifetime than a lottery winner.   The Huffington Post says most lottery winners experience a big burn-out after winning the jackpot.

BIGGEST LOSEROK, same with exercise.  When we choose to exercise, we may not  feel happier or see results right away.   The weight scale doesn’t just drop 10% because you sweated for 2 hours (despite what we see on The Biggest Loser)  But, spend exercise time wisely, and see long-term rewarding results.

Set BIG goals, but break them down into small pieces.   When people chose to “go big” injuries happen, sidelining and further delaying results.   Want to run a marathon?  Start by running a mile.   Want to bench 200?  Start by benching 20.   Want to exercise “every day”,  start with 2-3, and increase from there.

For those who are already active athletes or outdoor enthusiasts,   use the same “one small step for man”  theory to reach your next level of fitness success!

Be a Long-Term Winner.    See better results from exercising RIGHT!!!

OH… and get a personal trainer!!  

Just like a money coach, sales coach, business coach, boss, or other great resource  –  trainers will teach you HOW to do it, and hold you accountable to getting it done.

I’m very thankful for my personal trainer at 24hour Fitness, who makes my workouts effective and efficient… and forces me to put forth more effort than I would otherwise have the desire to.   Thanks Martin!  


Risk of Energy Drinks

August 28, 2012

Doctors, Nutritionists, Parents, and other interested parties, have been debating for years:


While one side of the spectrum shouts                                       the other side says

   ALL energy drinks are bad                              CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM!

Take for instance, Nutrilite’s ROC20.  Used in a competitive sport like Running, and pro’s like Kara Goucher show the products have HUGE health benefits.  Note that Nutrilite products are WADA compliant, so if it’s good enough for the Orlando Magic, and you’re hustling your hard body – it may be a great energy and nutrition option for you too!

WARNING:  If you’re enjoying 3 energy drinks a day with your hefty doses of pizza, ice cream, and donuts,  can you really blame the energy drink?

On the other hand, if you look at some energy drinks – like 5-hour energy drink, folks at LIVESTRONG show the MANY potential damages and risks.

Funny story about 5-hour Energy Drink:  My friend Jason is a firefighter.   A friend stop by the station and give all the guys 5-hour Energy.   While they had just pushed a moderate 8-hour day (of their 24 hour shift), no one was really tired.  They all said – ok, it’s about 2 o’clock, why not.   By dinner – around 5:30, most of the firefighters were so lethargic and tired they struggled to make dinner, many of them were taking naps, and they were just hoping no response calls came in.

So, what’s True?    Here’s 3 keys to Energy Drinks: 

MODERATION!!  Have an energy drink once in awhile. Driving under the blue moon through scenic New Mexico, use ONE to stay awake.   While some I know buy a case a week at Sam’s Club…  that’s NOT being moderate!

Healthier Option.  There are many on the market with less “jolt”.   Nutrilite products are geared towards the Athletic, but Arbonne makes a Pure. Safe. Beneficial energy drink as part of their Daily Essentials product line.   Mix Energy Fizz stick with water, and see a huge increase in awareness and muscle reaction, with minimal shakes/jolts/etc.

START SLOW.   As with swimming, “get your feet wet”.   Try the drink, sip, enjoy approach.

Looking for a more natural way to increase energy?    Visit my website at:

The more energy you have, the more you can give to others!

Helping you live a HEALTHY WEALTHY Lifestyle

Kerry Linda Martin-Moore 

Getting a Teen to Exercise

July 21, 2012

I am sure no expert on how to motivate teenagers to exercise.  In fact, I sometimes feel more like Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator.

Kevin’s character, Chris Sabian, is trying to get his family to go out to dinner.   Set in 1998, prior to the days of cell phone,  his teenage daughter is tying up their only phone line, and his wife is upset about a “fat in those jeans” comment.   He says after trying to “negotiate”:

“I talked a man out of blowing up the Sears Tower… but I can’t talk my wife out of a bedroom or my kid off a phone.”


If anyone knows the benefits of exercise, it’s me.   In 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer.  Prayer cured me, exercise and better eating habits changed me.

As a teenager, I often worked 4-5 nights a week until 11pm.  The only thing open on the way home was a Del Taco.  A fast-food joint that still calls my name even though I live about 1300 miles from the closest one.    I exercised a ton, as I played many sports and also rode horses competitively.   I didn’t know until looking at that riding a horse burns 517 calories an hour.    I was always called “skinny”, and never battled a weight issue.


Today, my biggest challenge comes with my son.  Even though he has played many sports in his life, and at certain times I couldn’t get him out of the pool, today he is 16 and I can’t seem to motivate him beyond his “Finger Exercises”, or playing video games.

Here’s 4 things I try:

1.  Make it FUN!   In the words of Mary Poppins, “Find the element of fun and “Snap”, the job’s a game!”    I was exhausted one night after playing tag for only a few minutes.  Stop, sprint, turn, dash, sprint…  they don’t even know they are exercising.

2.   Be the Example!   Today, I went about 8 miles, scoping out a few different trails.  My son often joins me, and we get special moments to talk.   When we work out together at home – he cracks me up by doing something goofy… but he exercises right alongside me.

3.  Do what they want to do!   Let them pick the activity.  Having the rule that either they pick, or I pick, enables us to spend lots of time doing what they want to do from a pre-selected list of activities.    He ran his first 5k when he was 5, and it was his idea to do a 1/2 marathon in 2010 – when he was 14.

4.  EDUCATE.  We’ve watched “The Biggest Loser“, and I’ve shared many health statistics about the benefits of being fit and exercising often.  We often talk about “wise choices”.   One night we were at Carl’s Jr.  (so much for the wise choices).   He wanted a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream shake.  So, we went home, and I made him one (using Arbonne Chocolate Shake Mix), mint chocolate chips (for cookies), skim milk.  The result:  about 4 grams of fat.  Compared to the 34 at Carl’s Jr.

I’m very thankful for this post from  How to Motivate Kids to Exercise,  which also shares some of my ideas.


My challenge is still with how to get my son to do it without me, and create a genuine desire to exercise, for his own well-being.   To PLAY HARD.  LIVE WELL.   To take pride in who he is, not just what mom wants.

Open for ANY suggestions!


I scream – you scream – we all scream when we don’t have SUNSCREEN!

May 17, 2012

Sun Burns HURT!!

A sun tan is the first sign of damage.   Whether we try to or not, many of us gain color (tan) during the summer months.   We wear less clothing and spend more time outside, sometimes hitting whatever body of water we can find.

But here’s an interesting thought.

Ever wonder why many life insurance companies do not cover death by skin cancer?   In looking at the exclusions information from a leading supplemental and cancer coverage company – skin cancer is the only exclusion from their policy.


 Statistics show that Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States…  there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon….  and over the past 31 years, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined.    (

Yet it’s not covered by insurance like other cancers?   When I called a leading insurance company, the initial response I received was “I don’t know”.     I dug a little deeper, and the primary reason is because they see it as AVOIDABLE!

I guess if you live in a bubble you can avoid cancer entirely.   OK, that might be true.  BUT: it’s not realistic.  Especially in our go-go-go world!     Here’s a simple publication that’s worth the read from the folks at on “How to Protect the Skin You’re In“.

If you’re looking for skin care products that protect your largest organ,  avoid the 10 most Common Environmental Toxins, AND also make you look and feel more Healthy Wealthy YOU!   visit    Because,  What you Don’t Know About Sunscreen –  could just kill you.

you gotta eat

January 25, 2012

But, the question is – with so many opinions out there, WHAT should we eat?

Take soy milk, for example. says it is “dangerous”, while shows “6 Health Benefits of Soy Milk“.

And, what about that Brazilian gem, the Acai berry (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”)?   Even on a site dedicated to the berry, there is a whole page divulging its dangers.

On,  a social media site focused on Healthy living, I found the article What to eat before you workout.   The author, Dean Anderson, gives suggestions instead of “musts”, and he insists that you get to know your own body.   Despite all the debates out there, he says  “The basic rule here is: Find out what works best for you, and do that.

Here’s a couple of other tips to keep in mind regarding eating:

1.   Size Does Matter.    At LongHorn Steakhouse, a 6 oz Top Sirloin has 380 calories vs. the 990 calories (and 60 grams of fat) in their 16oz prime rib.   Take the smaller meat portion, or immediately cut away 2/3 of the Prime Rib and ask for a to-go box to put the rest in.

2.  Double up on Healthy Sides.   With that smaller steak, ask for some healthy sides.  For Steamed broccoli & spinach, ask for “no butter or salt”, and for salads – get the dressing on the side and dip it.  You’ll be amazed at how much better it tastes and how little dressing you need.    When at home, put the salads and veggies on the table, so people can dish-out extra helpings, leaving the meat and potatoes on the stove.   Especially when we’re busy talking, we dish out the extra veggies, and the rest ends up becoming a future meal.

3.  King-Prince-Pauper.   For breakfast, eat more like a King.   Splurge a little on the (Turkey) sausage, scrambled eggs with salsa, and that ever-delicious (low-fat) pastry.   At Lunch, indulge more like a Prince, with salads and sandwiches.  At night, more like a Pauper.  Use a smaller plate, and go more organic with fruits and veggies mixed in with fish or chicken.


A friend once told me that I can go to the gym and workout and then eat anything I want.   He said he did, and then one day, he thought:  “why did I just inhale that double-cheeseburger and fries and vanilla shake, and then come to the gym?  I felt sick and realized:  I can eat anything I want, it’s all about CHANGING what I want.”

At M2Health, my job is to help you get what you want.   If you’re tired of not getting the results you are looking for, let’s talk.


KerryMartinMoore  .


God gave you life.   Live it well!


Black Friday Sale

November 21, 2011

Do you remember what happened last Black Friday?

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October 21, 2011

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