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Want a GREAT way to share health, wealth, and beauty with your Team, Church, Youth Group, Riding Club, or other non-profit…. and have proceeds go to supporting your mission?

I call it my 1 Peter 4:10.  I have been blessed with information and talents, and get to give back to your group.   In the form of both information and tangible dollars.  With tithing, donations, and large support down, fundraising needs to be FUN and a win-win for everyone involved!

20% of ALL purchases go to your group.  NOT just once.  EVERY month one of your members, fans, friends, buys a consumable skincare or nutrition product through me – your group will receive 20% of those proceeds.

This program could raise a few dollars to a few thousand dollars for your organization in just a few short months.

Here’s some of the workshops or information sessions I provide:

Awesome Skincare for Student Athletes –  a 30-minute overview on reading labels on cosmetics and skincare, and how what you put on & in your body will determine your level of success on the field or court AND in the classroom!

Pamper ME! Great for youth and women’s groups – I provide a Foot Spa and details on ways to eliminate the 187+ toxins our skin comes into contact with every day.

ENERGY!! Great ideas to boosting energy, increasing metabolism, and helping to maximize performance: at work, at school, or in competitive sports.  I also incorporate some of the “Energy = Enthusiasm = Expertise” which is great for anyone going for a job or college interview, or a vital customer meeting.

Another great fundraising program can be found at:

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