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Welcome to M2Health and Wellness.  We specialize in healthy-wealthy living for Active Athletes, Busy Executives, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Health leads to Wealth. 

When you feel energized, you SHINE as the enthusiastic expert in your area.   And, that is critical whether you are selling your abilities to a college, a company, or a client.

From executive workshops to my blog, I share several keys to use exercise, nutrition, and skin care, in order to maximize your effectiveness and see tremendous results in everything you do.




In 1998 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  My doctor was surprised by both the power of prayer, exercise, and healthy habits, and today I am cancer free!   I would love to help you defy the odds with the use of a healthy, wealthy lifestyle,  integrating the right kind of products to help you EXCEED your goals.    Most of the products and resources can be found at  or at

With skin cancer being the #1 diagnosed Cancer in America, and some doctors believing it just takes  proper sunscreen… I can help with that.  And, one incredible friend, who is a Colon Cancer Survivor, shared that after using Colon Cleanser for 3 months, she had her first ever “Clean Checkup”.    Through incredible products and service, I’m able to extend and enhance life.

The primary people I get to help include:

  • Busy Executives and Sales Professionals  –  who need the ENERGY to SHINE bright every day!
  • Active Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts –  who need the PROTECTION to GO the extra mile!
  • Moms, Dads, and Kids –  who want an ABUNDANCE of TIME together!

I look forward to helping you gain that winning edge through a healthy-wealthy lifestyle.

God gave you life…. live it WELL!


714-290-4037   /   512-222-7317   

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Inspired by 1 Peter 4:10  –  using my gifts and talents to help you.

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