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Health and Energy

February 28, 2013

Recently I was helping a friend with her first wedding expo, volunteering to lend a hand in any way needed.  The night before the big event, my friend shared that an opportunity came up – and I could showcase my products with my very own booth.

I jumped at the opportunity… and then scrambled to put together something that would be fitting for this classic affair.

In speaking with several of the brides that day, they shared that what they really need most is  more energy.   Can’t imagine why.   🙂   I was serving up some Arbonne Energy Fizz drinks and encouraging each of them to maintain a healthy exercise routine.   Some of them looked at me with new hope in their eyes.

Whether you’re slimming down to slip into a sexy wedding dress, losing the after-baby fat, or have other health goals, check out this Transformational Video  from

Arthur Boorman

Some Questions to ask yourself:

Is it worth it?

Who believes in me?

Why not make this change?  Why not now?

What if I choose to stay this way?


There are many ways you can achieve your dreams and goals.   Arbonne may be the answer you’re looking for.   Call me at 512-222-7317 and let’s talk!


Featuring for March:

Arbonne Essentials  –   Just what Every Body Needs!  

20% of all client orders will benefit     Fight Human Trafficking; Restore Voice and Dignity.

AND:   Buy any Feeling Fit Kit  (includes Energy Fizz!)  and get FREE Sunscreen.  Up to $32 value!

Visit to select products then email or call me with your order.
Kerry Linda Martin-Moore  |  |   512-222-7317
Have MORE fun in the sun!

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