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Spring Training

February 24, 2013

AHHH… the warmer weather is upon us.  The other day my car’s temperature gauge displayed 82^.   YES!  I love Austin’s Extended summers.

I’m such a weather wimp.   I’ve read up on how to exercise in the cold from The Mayo Clinic and even found workout routines for cold climates like New York.   These are helpful for days like yesterday, when my morning run was to a cool crisp 38^.

But, I’m ready for spring.   A whippoorwill greeted me the other morning, a sure sign of spring time.    As I near 40, the reality of beating my “winter body” back into beach body shape becomes an even greater challenge.

Three things I’m doing every morning.

1.  Arbonne Protein Shakes.   In yummy Vanilla or Chocolate, I add some fruit, Arbonne fiber, flaxseed, and vitamin additives like Rainbow Vibrance.   Voila, an instant meal that tastes awesome AND gives me all the nutrition I need to start the day right.

2.  Exercise every morning.   For Christmas Santa brought me the 8 minutes in the morning by Jorge Cruise.   Learning that morning exercise increases your metabolism, focus, and strength is definitely an incentive.   And, per over 90% of people who exercise regularly do so in the morning.   I am battling this with my son right now, as he claims he is not a morning person and wants to exercise in the afternoon.  I suggested he do both, but until the results are visible, he’s working out in the morning.

3.   Planning Food for the Day.   By Intentionally and Purposefully planning my day’s meals, I can better fuel the rest of my day.   My friend Danny speaks highly of  “Eat Right for your Blood Type,”   wherein research shows that eating certain foods, and avoiding others, based on your blood type will net powerful results.   I’m excited that I already crave many of the foods recommended for my blood type.

What other suggestions would you have for starting my day right?


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