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Sending Prayers to Connecticut

December 15, 2012

As a Mom I cannot imagine the discussions happening in Newtown Connecticut this weekend.

For those parents who lost a child whose life was just beginning and to those hugging their children ever closer tonight, my prayers go out to you all.  I pray for the right words to share, and for the feeling of comfort that only God can bring.

It’s a reminder to me of three big things in life:

1.  CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!   Our loved ones can be called up to Heaven at any time, at any age, and without any good explanation.  God’s promise is that He knows your pain, and He will bring good from this time.   When my dad passed, I was only 22.   He died from a heart attack, just a few days after getting a “good health check” from his regular doctor.  Our Candle may expire at any time.  What will others say about you when it does?

2.  PUT THE GADGETS AWAY, and focus on the relationship.  “He beat the High Score on Angry Birds” may have been mentioned at a funeral… but don’t let it be one of your redeeming qualities.   Grab a ball, head outside, find someone to interact with.  Make memories that create a powerful legacy that lives on after you.

3.  LOVE IS HEALTHY.  One of my favorite, most inspirational poems is by John Donne, No Man is An Island (Full poem here).     It’s been said about the Newtown shooter that he was “brilliant but remote”.    We need each other.   When you need “a moment to yourself”, make it just a moment.  It’s the old rule:  “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (Mark 12:31), which requires you to love yourself first, and to get to know your neighbors too.

For those unaware of the Newtown event, details can be found at FoxNews article.   Please note that this blog was written to inspire and encourage others, in an an attempt to eliminate future horrors, and not to prosper personally in any way.

Blessings to all.  May you take the encouragement to heart, and live a Healthy, Wealthy, and long, Life surrounded by lots of laughter and love.

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