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Happy (and Healthy) Holiday Tips

December 12, 2012

No one wants to be sick when Santa comes!   Here’s a few ways to create a Healthier Holly Jolly Season:

1. EXERCISE!   Yes, I know you just spent 3 hours at the mall, lifting heavy loads and dodging sales people, but maintain your exercise routine and you’ll see a healthier waistline come January 1.

2. PASS ON THE PIE!   My favorite, Pumpkin Pie, packs a healthy 229 calories per slice (380 from Marie Callendars). Trouble is, I love a little pie with my whip cream, and apply the old Lay’s Chips motto “No one can eat just one”.  I’m gonna try some healthy alternatives or

3.   SUNSCREEN!  A few seconds could save your life!   A study from SkinMedica shared:  Wear Sunsceen every day, even in the winter!  Make sure the one you use is free of Parabens and Petroleum, or you may do more harm than good.  Oh, and absolutely NO tanning booths!

4.  UP THE ANTE ON VITAMINS!   Especially when the colds & flus are running rampant, your body needs a bit of a boost.  Start with a good Multi-Vitamin and consider Livestrong’s List of Best Vitamins to Boost Immunity.

Check out Arbonne Must-Haves like Immunity Booster, Daily Vitamins, Get Well Soon, and Detox for a Healthy Christmas Season!  And, Smell Good Gift Collections for all those Divas and Dashing Dudes on your Shopping List too.
With every purchase get an item of your choice FREE!
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Every month, 20% of purchases through go to a select charity.
Toys for Tots has been delivering Toys to kids in need since 1947.  They gave 16 million toys in 2011.  Join me in helping them deliver even more joy this year!
Delivering toys to kids is important.   But, let’s not lose sight that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and the source of Real Joy,
Kerry Martin-Moore
M2health and Fitness

512-222-7317  |

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