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Exercise is BAD for your health

September 7, 2012

Don’t  believe me?

Try this:

Sit around for 10 hours.  Don’t move.

Then tell your muscles to propel you across 8 miles of heated desert sand, without warm up, water, or proper nutrition,

You better let people know where you are going!!  (I just watched 127 Hours!)

I made a similar mistake the other night at the gym.   After my normal workout, I decided that I was doing so well, I’d just add a “simple cardio class.”    About 20 minutes into the high-intensity cardio class,  the wind was knocked out of me, I lost focus, lost balance.   I rushed to the ladies locker room, and collapsed on the bench – crying.   A few minutes passed, someone told the staff I needed a medic, the EMT did an EKG, which came out normal, and I went on my way.   Unfortunately however, this latest episode caused me to cancel my flight to Jamaica for my long-awaited honeymoon.

I just started working out again, after being on medical leave, and had been sitting in a hot vehicle or at a meeting all day.   I didn’t really prepare my body and look what happened!

Increase your exercise like you increase your savings account.    

Did you know that only 55% of People who win the lotto are happier?  Yet, those who work hard for their money often save more over a lifetime than a lottery winner.   The Huffington Post says most lottery winners experience a big burn-out after winning the jackpot.

BIGGEST LOSEROK, same with exercise.  When we choose to exercise, we may not  feel happier or see results right away.   The weight scale doesn’t just drop 10% because you sweated for 2 hours (despite what we see on The Biggest Loser)  But, spend exercise time wisely, and see long-term rewarding results.

Set BIG goals, but break them down into small pieces.   When people chose to “go big” injuries happen, sidelining and further delaying results.   Want to run a marathon?  Start by running a mile.   Want to bench 200?  Start by benching 20.   Want to exercise “every day”,  start with 2-3, and increase from there.

For those who are already active athletes or outdoor enthusiasts,   use the same “one small step for man”  theory to reach your next level of fitness success!

Be a Long-Term Winner.    See better results from exercising RIGHT!!!

OH… and get a personal trainer!!  

Just like a money coach, sales coach, business coach, boss, or other great resource  –  trainers will teach you HOW to do it, and hold you accountable to getting it done.

I’m very thankful for my personal trainer at 24hour Fitness, who makes my workouts effective and efficient… and forces me to put forth more effort than I would otherwise have the desire to.   Thanks Martin!  

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