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Risk of Energy Drinks

August 28, 2012

Doctors, Nutritionists, Parents, and other interested parties, have been debating for years:


While one side of the spectrum shouts                                       the other side says

   ALL energy drinks are bad                              CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM!

Take for instance, Nutrilite’s ROC20.  Used in a competitive sport like Running, and pro’s like Kara Goucher show the products have HUGE health benefits.  Note that Nutrilite products are WADA compliant, so if it’s good enough for the Orlando Magic, and you’re hustling your hard body – it may be a great energy and nutrition option for you too!

WARNING:  If you’re enjoying 3 energy drinks a day with your hefty doses of pizza, ice cream, and donuts,  can you really blame the energy drink?

On the other hand, if you look at some energy drinks – like 5-hour energy drink, folks at LIVESTRONG show the MANY potential damages and risks.

Funny story about 5-hour Energy Drink:  My friend Jason is a firefighter.   A friend stop by the station and give all the guys 5-hour Energy.   While they had just pushed a moderate 8-hour day (of their 24 hour shift), no one was really tired.  They all said – ok, it’s about 2 o’clock, why not.   By dinner – around 5:30, most of the firefighters were so lethargic and tired they struggled to make dinner, many of them were taking naps, and they were just hoping no response calls came in.

So, what’s True?    Here’s 3 keys to Energy Drinks: 

MODERATION!!  Have an energy drink once in awhile. Driving under the blue moon through scenic New Mexico, use ONE to stay awake.   While some I know buy a case a week at Sam’s Club…  that’s NOT being moderate!

Healthier Option.  There are many on the market with less “jolt”.   Nutrilite products are geared towards the Athletic, but Arbonne makes a Pure. Safe. Beneficial energy drink as part of their Daily Essentials product line.   Mix Energy Fizz stick with water, and see a huge increase in awareness and muscle reaction, with minimal shakes/jolts/etc.

START SLOW.   As with swimming, “get your feet wet”.   Try the drink, sip, enjoy approach.

Looking for a more natural way to increase energy?    Visit my website at:

The more energy you have, the more you can give to others!

Helping you live a HEALTHY WEALTHY Lifestyle

Kerry Linda Martin-Moore 

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