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SpookTacular Savings Event

October 21, 2011

Want INCREDIBLE Arbonne Products at a FRACTION of the cost?

We’re having a  Rockin-RockTober!   

In addition to ALL the great Preferred Client benefits:

  • 20%+ off ALL Arbonne Products
  • ANY ONE PRODUCT FREE (up to $100;  with your purchase of $150 in products)

Note:  the Arbonne Preferred Client Membership is JUST $29… so, mathematically speaking, your savings pay for the membership in just one purchase!   And as if that wasn’t enough:  

Click here to get started

I’ve also got a VERY SPECIAL TREAT in store for you!

You will also get up to $100 in Products for just $20  – that’s up to 80% off!

OOOHHHHH the things you can do:

Splurge a little…. Splurge a LOT!

Buy some incredible Christmas & Birthday Gifts from our Fashionable Christmas Line Up!  

Buy products the whole family needs:   

  • Baby Rash?    Got it!
  • Teen Acne?   Got it!
  •  Husband’s Hormones?   Got it!
Click here to get started!
Or give me a call or email with any questions!
God gave you life… live it well!    
Read Yet another Success in this Freak-ishly Awesome Business!
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