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Eat right… half the battle

March 12, 2011

It’s March Madness!  Out comes the popcorn, beer, and all the YUMMY snacks to watch your fave basketball teams… just around the corner is the Opening Day for Major League Baseball – with popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, and more (Take me out to the Ballgame!)  And, for those non-sports fans, let’s not forget St. Patty’s Day, Easter chocolates, candy, and eggs, and ohhh… those delicious delights at all those baby & wedding showers.

So… now that the spring temptations have begun, how do you stay on track?

Here’s a couple of ideas:

Get MOVING! It’s warmer out, so grab those running shoes.  Join a running club – there’s LOTS out there (check or hit the gym.  Consider great resources like and for great ideas and tracking tools to maximize your workout.

NOTE:  Beat the Heat!  In just a few months the excuse will be “it’s too hot”, so build these habits NOW, and you’ll want to keep on movin!

FAMILY MATTERS. Grab a soccer ball and get the whole family involved in running around outside instead of cooped up in front of the TV.   Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis – almost any sport can be played as a family, get creative and spend QUALITY time together!

About eating right… You can EAT ANYTHING you want…  just change what you want!   Changing what you want isn’t as hard as we make it out to be.   Swapping out the 10g fat ice cream for frozen yogurt is simple.   Sweet tooth?  Look at Arbonne’s Chocolate Chews (available at .  Boost metabolism & meet that chocolate craving in style.    Prefer salty snacks?   Choose walnuts over peanuts and Veggie Chips over chips/salsa.

For more, keep checking back.    If you need to incorporate a 30-day Get Fit Program into your lifestyle, please visit  You can also reach me by email at

God gave you Life… Live it WELL!!!

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