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February 1, 2011

So, how was January?  Were you able to reach your fitness goals, whether  shedding pounds, exercising a certain number of days, or running a certain number of miles?    I’m sorry to report that “I did NOT!!”   I failed, miserably.

I can’t seem to get my body up out of my cozy little bed, and walk downstairs to our community’s gym.   It’s not that far.  I don’t have to start the car & “waste” gas, an excuse I used before we moved here as the nearest 24-hour Fitness was 5 miles away.   I’m getting plenty of sleep – too much sleep in fact – so I can’t use the excuse that I’m tired.  I’m working from home and running a business with good work/life balance, so there goes my lousy excuse of getting off work late.  I just gotta “Make it Happen!”


While I love the gym, and I want to be physically attractive to my husband.  Here are some other resources I use to motivate myself to reach for my fitness goals. Music that Moves you.   Listen to the Mixes online when you’re cleaning the house, blogging away, or download to your MP3 player and take it to the gym or for your outside workout. Track your Progress in diet, water intake, exercise.  Site has great videos & fitness programs, and even a Social Media part too – connect with others in your city or with the same goals, and find new friends.

M2Health.MyArbonne I can’t get enough of these great products.  The Detox Body Wash and 24H Rejuvenating Lotion I use after long hard workouts to help eliminate toxins and put good nutrients back in.  Indulge in a Yummy Chocolate Protein Shake, good for the whole family.   Last night, I put my husband to sleep with a backrub using the Aromassentials Unwind Lotion to help him & his tight back relax. Use this site to find great events anywhere in the country, see news in track/field, and to plot/view your own running trail.  Click on “America’s Routes” and input your city.  You’ll see some routes others have loaded, or “Create” your own route, and chart your course.  It also gives elevation information.


So, there’s some resources I use.  I’d love to hear your responses back on other resources you use, or how you’ve enjoyed these resources as well.

Many blessings, my fellow Fitness Fanatics!


PS:  you can reach me at for any other questions.


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