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Happy New Year… 5-steps to Fitness Success

January 10, 2011

WOW – I can’t believe that the holidays have come & gone.  I was very excited to be in Ohio with my husband’s family this holiday.  But, I think I over-indulged in their awesome food!  I passed on many of the desserts, but can’t keep my hands out of the box of chocolates my son bought me.

Food & Exercise: VITAL to feeling great in 2011

So, as I recover from all that over-eating I did, I’m on Day 7 of the Arbonne Detox.  This stuff is awesome, and it’s great to do it with Brad, my accountability partner.   It impacts Brad “more intensely” than it does me, but I definitely feel the effects every day!   I have more energy, less appetite, and I’m reminded to drink more water.


I have 5 fitness “SMART” goals that I want to achieve this year.  To go along with that, here’s my 5-step plan to reach those goals.

1. Keep my fitness goals within eyesight.   I made a copy and use it as my book marker, so I see them often.

2.  Hit the gym (not the snooze button) every morning.   Tim Wackel tells sales teams to do 30-20-10, for ultimate success.  10 minutes Praying, 20 minutes reading (personal improvement books), and 30 minutes exercise.  Find the time of the day that works best for you to exercise & stick to it!

Family, Fun, Fitness

3.  Schedule OUTDOORS for Weekend activities.  Here in Austin there’s so many things to do:  hiking, climbing, swimming, basketball, soccer, etc.  Making it FAMILY Time is even better!   The more “active” fun we have, the more exercise our body gets (without even thinking about it).

4.  Running team.  I just learned that HCBC has a running team that meets on Saturdays.  Although right now, it’s a bit chilly, I will be joining them whenever possible.  That’s how I accomplished my first half-marathon!  THANKS Vantage Point Church!   So, getting involved in a Team (softball, running, etc.) helps me to have FUN!, meet people, and stay focused on my fitness.

One of my GOALS!

5.  Eat Right.   VEGAN-certified Protein shakes, fiber booster, fruits, veggies, lean meats… are all part of my planned diet.   A few years ago, some guy looked at me with amusement and said “you’re the only person I know who can make McDonald’s healthy”.  It IS possible!   As Dr. Blanscet says:  Progress, not perfection!


If YOU would like help setting your own personal fitness goals, a coach to help you reach those goals, or just want to know what products/services can best meet your needs, please give me a call!   Rewarding Referrals Regularly!

Kerry:  512-782-0360

God gave you life… live it WELL!

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