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28 day DETOX program!

November 8, 2010

Want to lose weight?


get your "TRUNK" out of the way!! Consider this:  your colon takes all “food traffic” out.   Once your food has provided the calories and nutrition, it’s gotta go!   If that traffic lane gets blocked… you get a 10-food pile up.   And, like a traffic jam everything stops running as effectively or quickly as it should.  Your metabolism slows down.   Energy levels drop.  Sugar & fat stick around a bit longer.  And… you just don’t get around as fast as you want!

Trying to lose weight seems daunting, when you’re not getting rid of the toxic waste and extra food.

GET RESULTS!!   Incredible 28-day program will help you accomplish your goals quickly and effectively!    28daycleanseprogram

To participate, call Kerry  –  714-290-4037


Ready to REALLY reach your weight loss goals?

Participants will WIN by:
Losing Weight
Feeling Great
And, Splurge night: $25 Gift Card

PLUS be entered into a drawing for $100 in FREE Arbonne Products!



PLUS:  For each friend/family member you help accomplish their same goals (lose weight, feel great with Figure8), you will also get a special PamperME Gift!   AAHHHH!!  Look great… feel great… be treated like Royalty!


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