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Health and Energy

February 28, 2013

Recently I was helping a friend with her first wedding expo, volunteering to lend a hand in any way needed.  The night before the big event, my friend shared that an opportunity came up – and I could showcase my products with my very own booth.

I jumped at the opportunity… and then scrambled to put together something that would be fitting for this classic affair.

In speaking with several of the brides that day, they shared that what they really need most is  more energy.   Can’t imagine why.   🙂   I was serving up some Arbonne Energy Fizz drinks and encouraging each of them to maintain a healthy exercise routine.   Some of them looked at me with new hope in their eyes.

Whether you’re slimming down to slip into a sexy wedding dress, losing the after-baby fat, or have other health goals, check out this Transformational Video  from

Arthur Boorman

Some Questions to ask yourself:

Is it worth it?

Who believes in me?

Why not make this change?  Why not now?

What if I choose to stay this way?


There are many ways you can achieve your dreams and goals.   Arbonne may be the answer you’re looking for.   Call me at 512-222-7317 and let’s talk!


Featuring for March:

Arbonne Essentials  –   Just what Every Body Needs!  

20% of all client orders will benefit     Fight Human Trafficking; Restore Voice and Dignity.

AND:   Buy any Feeling Fit Kit  (includes Energy Fizz!)  and get FREE Sunscreen.  Up to $32 value!

Visit to select products then email or call me with your order.
Kerry Linda Martin-Moore  |  |   512-222-7317
Have MORE fun in the sun!


Spring Training

February 24, 2013

AHHH… the warmer weather is upon us.  The other day my car’s temperature gauge displayed 82^.   YES!  I love Austin’s Extended summers.

I’m such a weather wimp.   I’ve read up on how to exercise in the cold from The Mayo Clinic and even found workout routines for cold climates like New York.   These are helpful for days like yesterday, when my morning run was to a cool crisp 38^.

But, I’m ready for spring.   A whippoorwill greeted me the other morning, a sure sign of spring time.    As I near 40, the reality of beating my “winter body” back into beach body shape becomes an even greater challenge.

Three things I’m doing every morning.

1.  Arbonne Protein Shakes.   In yummy Vanilla or Chocolate, I add some fruit, Arbonne fiber, flaxseed, and vitamin additives like Rainbow Vibrance.   Voila, an instant meal that tastes awesome AND gives me all the nutrition I need to start the day right.

2.  Exercise every morning.   For Christmas Santa brought me the 8 minutes in the morning by Jorge Cruise.   Learning that morning exercise increases your metabolism, focus, and strength is definitely an incentive.   And, per over 90% of people who exercise regularly do so in the morning.   I am battling this with my son right now, as he claims he is not a morning person and wants to exercise in the afternoon.  I suggested he do both, but until the results are visible, he’s working out in the morning.

3.   Planning Food for the Day.   By Intentionally and Purposefully planning my day’s meals, I can better fuel the rest of my day.   My friend Danny speaks highly of  “Eat Right for your Blood Type,”   wherein research shows that eating certain foods, and avoiding others, based on your blood type will net powerful results.   I’m excited that I already crave many of the foods recommended for my blood type.

What other suggestions would you have for starting my day right?


Sending Prayers to Connecticut

December 15, 2012

As a Mom I cannot imagine the discussions happening in Newtown Connecticut this weekend.

For those parents who lost a child whose life was just beginning and to those hugging their children ever closer tonight, my prayers go out to you all.  I pray for the right words to share, and for the feeling of comfort that only God can bring.

It’s a reminder to me of three big things in life:

1.  CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!   Our loved ones can be called up to Heaven at any time, at any age, and without any good explanation.  God’s promise is that He knows your pain, and He will bring good from this time.   When my dad passed, I was only 22.   He died from a heart attack, just a few days after getting a “good health check” from his regular doctor.  Our Candle may expire at any time.  What will others say about you when it does?

2.  PUT THE GADGETS AWAY, and focus on the relationship.  “He beat the High Score on Angry Birds” may have been mentioned at a funeral… but don’t let it be one of your redeeming qualities.   Grab a ball, head outside, find someone to interact with.  Make memories that create a powerful legacy that lives on after you.

3.  LOVE IS HEALTHY.  One of my favorite, most inspirational poems is by John Donne, No Man is An Island (Full poem here).     It’s been said about the Newtown shooter that he was “brilliant but remote”.    We need each other.   When you need “a moment to yourself”, make it just a moment.  It’s the old rule:  “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (Mark 12:31), which requires you to love yourself first, and to get to know your neighbors too.

For those unaware of the Newtown event, details can be found at FoxNews article.   Please note that this blog was written to inspire and encourage others, in an an attempt to eliminate future horrors, and not to prosper personally in any way.

Blessings to all.  May you take the encouragement to heart, and live a Healthy, Wealthy, and long, Life surrounded by lots of laughter and love.

Happy (and Healthy) Holiday Tips

December 12, 2012

No one wants to be sick when Santa comes!   Here’s a few ways to create a Healthier Holly Jolly Season:

1. EXERCISE!   Yes, I know you just spent 3 hours at the mall, lifting heavy loads and dodging sales people, but maintain your exercise routine and you’ll see a healthier waistline come January 1.

2. PASS ON THE PIE!   My favorite, Pumpkin Pie, packs a healthy 229 calories per slice (380 from Marie Callendars). Trouble is, I love a little pie with my whip cream, and apply the old Lay’s Chips motto “No one can eat just one”.  I’m gonna try some healthy alternatives or

3.   SUNSCREEN!  A few seconds could save your life!   A study from SkinMedica shared:  Wear Sunsceen every day, even in the winter!  Make sure the one you use is free of Parabens and Petroleum, or you may do more harm than good.  Oh, and absolutely NO tanning booths!

4.  UP THE ANTE ON VITAMINS!   Especially when the colds & flus are running rampant, your body needs a bit of a boost.  Start with a good Multi-Vitamin and consider Livestrong’s List of Best Vitamins to Boost Immunity.

Check out Arbonne Must-Haves like Immunity Booster, Daily Vitamins, Get Well Soon, and Detox for a Healthy Christmas Season!  And, Smell Good Gift Collections for all those Divas and Dashing Dudes on your Shopping List too.
With every purchase get an item of your choice FREE!
Email or call me for details.

Every month, 20% of purchases through go to a select charity.
Toys for Tots has been delivering Toys to kids in need since 1947.  They gave 16 million toys in 2011.  Join me in helping them deliver even more joy this year!
Delivering toys to kids is important.   But, let’s not lose sight that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and the source of Real Joy,
Kerry Martin-Moore
M2health and Fitness

512-222-7317  |

Small Business Saturday – Austin Free Workshops

November 22, 2012

Small Business Saturday is a powerful idea.   While all the “Black Friday Hoopla” is geared towards the mega-retailers, we get a special day to support, and THANK the SMALL businesses in our area.

In return, for any business in the Austin area who is participating in Small Business Saturday, M2health and Wellness is offering FREE employee workshops focused on fighting Skincancer.

Many people in Austin are already “M2Health”.

It was a brisk 8am… and a beautiful day to run!

This morning, my husband and I started Thanksgiving with the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot.  KXAN reported there were over 22,000 people running or walking the 5 mile course this morning.   Many of them joined us afterwards, some still wearing their race bibs  Whole Foods Downtown Austin.   It was crazy busy with people buying HEALTHY foods for the holiday meal or week ahead.

  • People are eating right, exercising, but what are they doing to protect their largest organ?
  • What kinds of toxins are they putting on their body each day?
  • How can we work together to beat the most frequently diagnosed cancer in America?

These workshops help your employees answer those questions, and encourage skincare habits that impact their families and loved ones.


Workshops can be presented as a “Lunch and Learn” or “Coffee and Cream”.   So, whether you have 1 or many employees, contact Kerry Martin-Moore at 512-222-7317 and let’s schedule your complimentary employee workshop soon.

Not in the Austin area?   Contact me, and let’s put together the same conversation with your team, staff, or crew too!

As PGA golfers share:  A few seconds could save your life!    For more details on Skin Cancer, visit:



Note that M2health is not endorsed by nor formally affiliated with The Skin Cancer Foundation.    While information used in workshops is gathered from various sources, including, it is not intended to act as or replace medical advice or to diagnose or treat cancer in any way.   M2health encourages you to see your health care professional for .


Movember… More Sunscreen

November 1, 2012

The Movember Movement is the annual charity event where men grow moustaches for 30 days to change the face of men’s health. More info at    The rakes & shovels are put away, the pool cover is on, and the house is “winterized”.

With the cooler days upon us, it is very tempting to put the bottle of sunscreen in the back of your medicine cabinet.

Don’t do it!!   

According to Consumer Reports, Real Men Should Wear Sunscreen, men are vulnerable to sun burn and skin cancer.   The article quotes a study in the April 2009 issue of the Archives of Dermatology that showed “the mortality rate for melanoma among middle-aged white men in the U.S. increased by nearly 65 percent from 1973 to 2002”.   

The Federal Drug Administration is taking notice of the importance of sunscreen, and requiring manufacturers to change their labels.  The Wall Street Journal Article “The Push for Daily Sunscreen” shares that the “FDA aim(s) to protect consumers from skin cancer through greater testing and clearer labeling on sun-protection products, including cosmetics with sunscreen.”

Gone are the days of only needing sunscreen for the beach or long outdoor activities.

And, ladies – you’re not out of harm’s way:   According to the Mayo Clinic, Skin cancer increased 8x in women ages 18 to 39 from 1970 to 2009.

So, men – keep that bottle of sunscreen handy!   And share some with your lady friends too.

And, not all sunscreens are created equal.  Look for sunscreen with NO petroleum or animal bi-products.  Through my website –, get great discount AND get 30% cash back on any purchase of sunscreen.   Just email me a copy of your order, and your paypal email address.


I’ve got Sunscreen for every “BODY” in your house:


RE9 Advanced for Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 20
RE9 Advanced for Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 20
Daily moisturizer protects skin from sunburn while helping to reduce visible signs of fatigue, stress and aging.




RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen.
RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen.
Uniquely formulated for drier skin, this ultra-hydrating crème features high concentrations of moisture-enhancing ingredients that support collagen, and protect and restore skin’s youthful appearance. If used as directed with other sun protection measures, will decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun as well as helps prevent sunburn.




Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30+
Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30+
Formulated with SPF 30+, this lotion provides maximum protection for sensitive skin, when applied liberally and often. 6 fl. oz./170 g


Please let me know how I can help you be safely protected!


Health Benefits of Prayer – Bible vs Blackberry

September 27, 2012
This blog is primarily focused on Physical health – nutrition and exercise.  Many health experts believe in the 30-20-10 philosophy of spending ONE Hour on you!    
30:  exercise        20:  read or write        10:  spiritual prayer or meditation
These two articles consider the health benefits of prayer, from any religion or spirituality.
Here’s a look at the Spiritual Health components of a Bible-Based Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle.     Thanks Sarge… Hooah!

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone? 
What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we flipped through it several times a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn’t live without it?
What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?
This is something to make you go….hmm…where is my Bible?
No dropped calls.
Unlike our cell phone, we don’t have to worry about our connection to God being disconnected.  Jesus already paid the bill.
OH…. and Have you seen this sign:

Me Neither!   🙂 


When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of you!      Are you thinking often enough about Him?

 I’m walking through   Stopping to Spend 60 seconds every 60 minutes for 60 days with God.    It’s a challenge!  But, if I have enough time to check email & tweet after a meeting, I can definitely squeeze in a few seconds to talk with the God who gave me life.    Safe to do while driving, eating, exercising… or even just relaxing!

Do the math:  60s x 24h x 60d = 86,400 seconds.  ONE full day over 2 months.   1.67% of our life.

Make the time to Live a Healthy Wealthy lifestyle…

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